Storicamente. Laboratorio di storia
J.R. McNeill, William H. McNeill, The human web. A bird’s eye on world history, New York, Norton, 2003


Introduction: Webs and history
I. The human apprenticeship
II. Shifting to food production – 11,000-3,000 years ago
III. Webs and civilization in the Old World – 3500 BCE-200 CE
IV. The growth of webs in the Old World and America – 200-1000
V. Thickening Webs – 1000-1500
VI. Spinning the worldwide web - 450-1800
VII. Breaking old chains, tightening the new web – 1750-1914
VIII. Strains on the web: the world since 1890
IX. Big pictures and long prospects


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