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retorica di Bush

Sono significative le frasi con cui Bush inizia e conclude il suo discorso alla nazione per annunciare il dispiegamento di forze in Arabia Saudita l'8 agosto 1990, in seguito all'invasione del Kuwait da parte dell'Iraq il 2 agosto:

In the life of a nation, we're called upon to define who we are and what we believe. Sometimes these choices are not easy. But today as President, I ask for your support in a decision I've made to stand up for what's right and condemn what's wrong, all in the cause of peace. [.] Standing up for our principle is an American tradition. As it has so many times before, it may take time and tremendous effort, but most of all, it will take unity of purpose. As I've witnessed throughout my life in both war and peace, America has never wavered when her purpose is driven by principle. And in this August day, at home and abroad, I know she will do no less .