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Dossier / Religion and Capitalism in Africa

a cura di Irma Taddia, Tekeste Negash

Muslim communities, Long-distance Trade and Wage Labour along the central caravan road: Tanzania, 19th century

Art. no. 20

Islamic NGOs in Africa and their notion of development. The case of Somalia

Art. no. 16

The Gift and the Theft: an Economic-Political Interpretation of Rwandan Missionary Diaries of White Fathers (1900-1910)

Art. no. 15

The Role of Muslim Mentors in Eritrea: Religion, Health and Politics

Art. no. 7

Islam and Capitalism: Considerations on the Construction of the Idea of a Western 'Modernity'

Art. no. 1

Health, Islam and Alternative Capitalism. Three possible Key Factors in Developing Somaliland

Art. no. 2

Transformative Values

Art. no. 24

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