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Dossier / Matilda 900: Remembering Matilda of Canossa Wide World

Raising Matilda from the Footnotes

Art. no. 12

Matilda of Tuscany as Episcopal Patroness

Art. no. 15

Women at Canossa. The role of royal and aristocratic women in the reconciliation between Pope Gregory VII and Henry IV of Germany

Art. no. 13

Matilda and the Cities: Testing a “Figurational” Approach

Art. no. 16

Silensis and Aferesis in the Vita Mathildis: How Donizo’s Marginalia Explain the Battle of Tricontai (1091/1092)

Art. no. 18

Nihil Terrenum, Nihilque Carnale in Ea: Matilda of Tuscany and Anselm of Lucca during the Investiture Controversy

Art. no. 31

Matilda of Tuscany: New Perspectives about Her Family Ties

Art. no. 28

Reconsidering Donizone’s Vita Mathildis (again): Boniface of Canossa and the Emperor Conrad II

Art. no. 17

La cattedrale romanica di Reggio Emilia: il ruolo dei vescovi e dei Canossa

Art. no. 19

Matilda of Tuscany-Canossa: Commemorating the 9th Centennial of the Great Countess, IV

Art. no. 30

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