Storicamente. Laboratorio di storia
Si veda l’analisi condotta da Cohen sulla devozione medievale: «Writing during the second half of the twelfth century, the German abbot Ekbert of Schönhau was a pivotal figure in the new trend of Passion devotion. Ekbert’s Stimulus amoris (Prick of Love) pondered the events of Jesus’ life and death, emphasing the spiritual and moral lessons to be gleaned from Jesus’s biography. He condemned the Jews as Christ killers in highly emotional language, emphasizing their gratuitous violence, their “insatiable hostility”, their blasphemy, and their bonds with Beelzebub, “prince of the demons”» [Cohen 2007, 126 e ss.]. Sulle sacre rappresentazioni e il rapporto con l’antisemitismo moderno rimando a Favret-Saada e Contreras (2003). Alcuni di questi temi anche in Facchini 2004.