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Research projects and new perspectives. European museums and libraries in the Age of Migrations



Looking at European cultural heritage from the perspective of the twenty-first century, the question of its interpretation and reinterpretation is essential. This is especially the case regarding the different ways that societies and individuals use museums or other cultural institutions for the conservation and transmission of knowledge. The MeLa project brings a new concept to the core of this cultural problem. “Age of migrations” is a key term for thinking through planetary processes that not only reveal the transnational economic order of  labour, but also the deep refashioning of cultural and political spheres under the impact of the accelerated mobility and nomadism of goods, people, ideas and knowledge. The main objective of MeLA is to reinterpret and improve the effectiveness of the european cultural heritage (tangible and intangible) as a promoter of a more effective and shared citizenship and identity in relation to the contemporary processes of globalization and migrations. MeLa intends to support the development of an up-to-date policy in the field of museums and galleries, redefining their role, mission, organization, networking between museums, and between museums and other related institutions, as well as innovating architectural, exhibition and communication design.

MeLa* - Museums in the Age of Migrations: Reinterpreting Europe’s Cultural Heritage in the 21st Century Duration: March 2011-February 2015 (48 months)

Consortium: 9 Partners (5 Countries)
Project Coordinator: Luca Basso Peressut – Politecnico di Milano
EU Officer: Louisa Anastopoulou